7 Things that Make Blogging Suck

Every few months or so, I toy with the idea of bagging my blog.  I will never do it because I love blogging and I love sharing what I’m learning about dog nutrition.  But blogging isn’t always fun.  I don’t mind the work, I’ve always been a hard worker.  What I do mind, the little petty things that chap my hide, are driving me bonkers this week so I thought I’d share.

1 – I Am Not a Ghostbuster

Lately, I’ve been receiving a ton of emails from people who are asking me about ghosts.  I gather that they’re all responding to a post a wrote for Halloween a few years ago sharing a spooky experience I had in our kitchen.  The post was for fun, but people are taking it seriously.  Way too seriously and the emails are bordering on freaky with the ALL CAPS and gazillion exclamation points sprinkled through the email message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 – I Am Not a Veterinarian

I am holding onto a small shred of patience with people who send me emails asking me what to do when their dog eats a cooked chicken bone, is exhibiting weird behavior, or has developed cancer.  Although there are plenty of faux-canine health professionals on social media doling out advice to anyone who asks, I’m not one of them.  I am not a veterinarian.  If your dog eats a cooked chicken bone, call your vet.  If your dog is exhibiting weird behavior, call your vet.  If your dog has cancer, call your vet.  Don’t send an email to a stranger online.

3 – Get a Sense of Humor

OMG! What is the deal with people not understanding a joke?  And do not tell me it’s because of the elections because this shit has been going on for a while.  I’ve reached a point where I don’t post anything on social media without thinking long and hard about it.  In the past few months, I’ve been called names, I’ve been called out for being too positive on Facebook, and I was lectured (politely) for using the word “karma.”  I delete at least one post a week because someone either takes offense or completely misses the point.  I know humor is hard to capture without tone of voice and facial expressions, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening because I’m funny as hell.

4 – My Post Isn’t About You

And following up with the “lack of humor” floating around on social media, I’m also seeing a growing number of people who feel that every random post published on Facebook is a secret slam against them.  It’s gotten so bad that even I have started to ask “is that about me?”  Then I mentally slap myself as a reminder that ain’t nobody thinking about me on Facebook and if they are, that’s their business, not mine.

5 – Stop Calling People Bigots

At first, it was shocking, then it became hilarious, and now it’s just sad.  The number of people  who have made it their life’s mission to attack strangers (and friends) on social media and tag them as the cause of all of life’s misery after a failed Presidential election is astounding.  I’ve repeatedly read the excuse that the GOP did their share of attacking and whining when Obama won and I can’t help but hear my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Harrington, say “and if they jumped off a bridge, would you follow?”  Let’s all be better than we’ve been in the past.  We have the benefit of seeing how well bitching, attacking, and whining serves us – as in Not At All – so let’s try something new like getting involved, making a difference, and honoring our First Lady by “Going High” when they go low.

6 – I Am Not a Charity

Every day I receive emails from people who want free publicity through my blog.  This is expected.  What annoys me are the number of people who act as if they’re doing ME a favor.  I have worked my ass off for nearly five years building a targeted audience of dog lovers who are interested in raising their dogs naturally and people want access to this audience (7,000+ mailing list, 115,000+ monthly visitors) to promote their products FOR FREE.  It blows me away daily that I have to educate people that my blog is a business.  I pay for a domain, hosting, premium themes and plugins, marketing, and more – this is not a hobby, it’s a business and I have bills to pay.  How many of these people expect their CPA to work for free?  Probably all of them.

7 – I Am Not a Dog Trainer

Responding to snarky comments from someone asking me what they should do about their dog annoys me.  I recommend working with a dog trainer and they say “I plan to, but what should I do NOW?”  Ummm, call a dog trainer.  I get the temptation of seeking out free advice on the Internet, but we all need to be smart about where we pick up that advice.  If someone is hesitant to help you work through an issue with your dog, be thankful.  There are a ton of people out there sharing crappy, dangerous advice.  Seek counsel from a professional.


That is all.



One thought on “7 Things that Make Blogging Suck

  1. Sad that too many ppl are just such idiots! I think you are pretty clear about who you are, & what you offer. I guess there will always be idiots.

    Why anyone would blast you for using the word karma, is beyond me! If they don’t share your opinions, then they should we either “live & let live” or they should go somewhere else that they agree with every single word the author of the blog says. Why (?) Ppl waste their time on such insignificant nonsense is hard to understand!

    Keep up your good work , Kimberly and try to carry on, despite the haters, weirdo’s & idiots!


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