I’m in a Wretched Mood Today

My bad mood started yesterday as I tried to explain to my significant other the trials of tribulations of caring for natural black hair.  I know this seems silly to get upset about, but we have this conversation every other month and it gets old.  I don’t get why he can’t just trust me – taking care of black hair isn’t easy.  Are all of the black actresses rocking the long tresses leaving the impression that black hair is just a thicker, darker version of white hair?  I think I need to find him a YouTube video to watch and then maybe he’ll understand.  Update: people are misunderstanding this section as my boyfriend attacking me for choosing to get braids. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The entire point of this post is that I’m cranky – about everything.


I had a back and forth with someone who had a critique of my blog.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not down for unsolicited advice from strangers.  But in this world of social media, most of the people who know are strangers so that’s where most of our feedback is going to start.  Although I don’t like it, I respect it and try and soak it in without getting offended, but it’s not easy.  I sometimes feel like reverting to a five-year-old and screaming “IT’S MY BLOG, I’LL WRITE HOW I WANT TO!!!”  But I don’t.


I’m starting to think that I need to start unfriending people.  I get the disappointment over the elections, but dammit.  How anyone can maintain this high level of ugly for so long is beyond me.  Don’t they get that their negativity is catching?  One person actually posted that she’s has a physical reaction every time she sees his picture.  That sounds like something more is going on than Donald Trump.


A person that I did unfriend shared the most horrific article and video of animal abuse and it threw me into a downward spiral for several days in a row.  I don’t blame people who share these images/stories – this is their way of raising awareness.  I just don’t want to see it so I unfriend.  I doubt that she noticed because I don’t know her and I can’t remember her name anymore; just the images.


On my way to work today, I see a series of emails from brands and freelance writers asking me for free advertising.  I deleted all of the emails.  These emails drive me bonkers and I hate doing the back and forth as I try to explain that I am not a free source of advertising.  So I will delete the emails and stop giving these people my time.

I’m sleepy, I’m cranky, and I feel fat and ugly.


And then my period started and it all made sense.

3 thoughts on “I’m in a Wretched Mood Today

  1. *hands reset button* Looks like you need a reset button today.

    I also get perturbed on unsolicited advice, especially on social media. If I’m ill, people give me all sorts of suggestions. I’m f-ing 36 years old. I know how to friggin’ survive a damn cold. lol

    Sorry to hear about you not being in a good mood. Just stab everyone in the eyeball… it might make you smile. 😉


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