Law of Attraction and Blocking

Yesterday, I removed everyone (except one) from my block list on Facebook.  I blocked them to stop harassment and I kept them on the list to prevent continued harassment.  And then I realized that I was attracting harassment by maintaining the list long after the drama has ended.

So I blew it up (except one person).

Nothing happened.  Eliminating the list (except for one person) didn’t open the floodgates to hateful messages and mean comments.  Nothing happened.

I don’t think I’m free of the drama some of these people placed in my path this year, but I am free from caring.  With every year that passes, I find that I care less and less what people say and think.  I’m my own worst critique; a stranger has nothing on the damage I can do to my own ego.

My therapist always tells me that social media drama is personal because it feels personal when someone is coming at you.  But, ultimately, it’s not my problem.  Another person’s drama reflects how they feel about themselves and has nothing to do with me.

So I’m going to start 2017 with this at the forefront of my mind.  Homey don’t got time for that shit.


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