Yes, This is Racist.

This morning, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed.  After weeks of unfollowing people, my feed is blissfully filled with images and videos of dogs.  And then I was slapped in the face with this meme.


I commented on the status update, asking if it was necessary to use a racist image.  Her response amounted to “wearing a baseball cap is racist? Good grief.”  If I were a different person, I would have taken the time to explain why I found this image racist, however, I have learned from this individual’s past status updates that she’s uninterested in hearing point of views other than her own.

And as a person who has followed her status updates, I know that this individual is an intelligent person.  She knew exactly what I was talking about – there was no point in attempting a back and forth.  She could have asked “why is this racist,” instead, she chose to dismiss me.

Girl, Bye!

So why is this racist?  Many people will look at this image and understand right away.  Others will look at it and think “just because it criticizes Obama doesn’t make it racist.”  And if that’s your thought – you missed the point.

This meme could have been created using this image…


Or thousands of others floating around on the Internet.  Instead, the person who created the image turned Obama into an unflattering and racist stereotype of a black man.  In the first picture, Obama was transformed into a common thug, a drug dealer, a pimp, and a gang member.

Gone is the professional, tailored suit.  Gone are the American flag and the Oval Office. Gone are his loving, beautiful wife, children, and dogs. Gone are his accomplishments, university degrees, and years of service to our nation as a politician and President.

The image is racist, because it dwindled Obama down, disregarded all of his accomplishments, and turned him into a common street thug.  And denying that this is what this image does is, in my opinion, racist.

We can disagree with a President’s policy without going down the road of bigotry.  Once we start waving that flag, we lose all credibility.  I’m no longer interested in anything someone has to say once they’ve taken it to this level because it hurts my heart to know that I gave time and respect to a bigot who was able to hide their disdain and disgust in the color of my skin behind images of dogs.

Yes, that image is racist.  It’s also hurtful.  Share your thoughts on the President and his policy; please don’t spread hate.

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