A True Lady…

I have a sponsored post on Facebook advertising my blogging workshop which no one has signed up for – bummer – and my sponsored post has one comment “A true lady.”  Being the positive person I am I said, “thank you.”

A True Lady


When I saw the person’s post, I didn’t give it much thought.  I’ve become so used to people posting random things that I no longer try to understand what they were trying to say and then it happened.  I had a moment of realizing that I made a breakthrough.  At some point in time, I learned to look at the random things people post in response to something I’m doing on social media and move on.

Just like that! I moved on.

Pre-Blue, Post-Blue

The state of my mental health history has a broad line separating my life before we lost Blue and after we lost Blue.

When Blue died, I tried hard to find meaning in that terrible loss.  It wasn’t until a year later that I realized that losing my dog pushed me into therapy and I found the path to a happier me.  Not fake happy that I showed everyone on social media (minus those moments of dramatic meltdowns), but true happiness.

The Pre-Blue Me

The Pre-Blue Me would have looked at that statement and assumed that the woman was slut shaming the model in the image and, as an extension, shaming me.  I would have asked, “what exactly do you mean?” Revving up for a social media battle of wills with a stranger who dared to insult me and this nameless, faceless woman.  How DARE she bring her Mean Girl antics over to my page and sully the advertisement I was paying for in an effort to humiliate me on Facebook.

Yeah, I was a bit dramatic and a touch cray-cray because I had a laundry list of triggers that could go off at any moment, causing me to lose my shit in terrible ways.

The Post-Blue Me

The Post-Blue me handles things differently.  This is the Me who has been in therapy for more than three years, the Me who works shit out on a Seattle sofa every Tuesday afternoon, the Me who still wonders “what did she mean by that?”  And then chooses to take it as a compliment.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been reported to Facebook for bullying because a woman didn’t like that people disagreed with her alternative facts about HPP processing.  By the way, I wasn’t part of that discussion, however, I was blamed.  I’ve received two emails from women who wanted to let me know how stupid I am and how little I know about raw feeding.  To one, I apologized to her for the event that caused her so much pain (her long emails were horrible) and I thanked the other for her feedback and wished her a nice day.

The Pre-Blue Me would have engaged these ladies in an all out Facebook war of words, accusations, name calling, and drama. Drama, Drama, Drama.

The Post-Blue Me sees the humor, laughs it off, and moves on.

I still have sad days when I’d rather stay home in bed, surrounded by my dogs than deal with the world.  But these days come and go like a breeze; they no longer set up camp and live on my shoulders for days on end.

Wow! A true lady.


I just checked – one person has signed up! Yippeeee! Too bad we’ll have to cancel.  I need at least 5 people.


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